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Join two guys called Dave who love to talk all things craft beer and explore it in all of its wonderful and creative glory. They release a new episode every three weeks, with news, views, features and interviews as they take an in-depth look at the ever-changing UK scene. Don't delay, add this pod to your feed today!

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We met Dave B and Dave D when they found our website online and ordered some of our beery delights. We know that they share our passion for all things craft beer, including supporting our amazing independent beer producers, so it seemed an easy choice when they suggested we team up.

We'll be providing bespoke offers to the Daftaboutcraft listeners on every podcast, and hopefully introduce people to new breweries and beers with our every increasing range.

Please check out their podcast for the excellent content and also to be able to access the our offers.

Daftaboutcraft & Hops at Home

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