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Pineapple – Schöfferhofer – 2.5% Hefeweizen Pineapple

Pineapple – Schöfferhofer – 2.5% Hefeweizen Pineapple


2.5% Hefeweizen Pineapple | 550 | Schofferhofer Juicy Pineapple has an amazing and zesty taste, like the sunshine of a summer day. It's a carefully crafted blend of quality pineapple and wheat beer for an unparalleled taste experience that'll keep you coming back for more. Enjoy a unique and satisfying refreshment from this limited-edition craft beer! From its brilliant and sparkling appearance to its delightfully refreshing flavour, Schofferhofer Juicy Pineapple is a perfect summer beverage that'll give you a sweet burst of tropical goodness!


Contains:  cereals containing gluten

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