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Super Position – Pollys – 5.9% IPA

Super Position – Pollys – 5.9% IPA


5.9% IPA | 440 | In case you might have missed it, we’re massive fans of bringing the ABV of an IPA just below the traditional 6% mark. Infamously first made part of our output when we first launched the brewery six years ago and we got a complaint from our parents that what we were making was rocket fuel, we’ve actively embraced these IPAs for the more discerning drinker over our growth and evolution here at Polly’s. As with the rest of our entries into this cannon, we wanted to pull every drop of flavour out of one of our bigger beers, but bring the mouthfeel to a slightly more palatable one that doesn’t frazzle our tastebuds after a couple. Step forward a couple of lesser utilised but no less loved Polly’s favourites in HBC 586, Bru-1 and Cashmere – individually bold, but as a combination an absolute kaleidoscope of flavour. A hot side addition of Bru-1 lays a foundation of bright, floral bitterness, before a further cold side addition along with Cashmere and one of our favourite experimental varieties bring a punchbowl of pineapple, honeydew melon, pomelo, and mango.


Contains: cereals containing gluten

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